Unit Tests

‚ÄčFluent Bit comes with some unit test programs that uses the library mode to ingest data and test the output. The tests are based on Google Test suite and requires a C++ compiler.


In order to build and run the tests, your system needs a C++ compiler and an installed version of gtest. On Debian/Ubuntu systems the following commands will install the dependencies:

$ sudo apt-get install g++ libgtest-dev

Note that libgtest-dev will only install the sources of the test suite, you need to take some extra steps to make this work:

$ cd /usr/src/gtest
$ sudo cmake .
$ sudo make
$ sudo cp libg* /usr/lib/

Enable Tests

By default Fluent Bit have the tests disabled, you need to append the ENABLE_TESTS option to your cmake line, e.g:

$ cd build/
$ cmake -DFLB_TESTS=ON ../

Running Tests

To run the tests just issue the following command:

$ make test