Select or exclude records per patterns

The Grep Filter plugin allows you to match or exclude specific records based on regular expression patterns for values or nested values.

Configuration Parameters

The plugin supports the following configuration parameters:

Record Accessor Enabled

This plugin enables the Record Accessor feature to specify the KEY. Using the record accessor is suggested if you want to match values against nested values.

Getting Started

In order to start filtering records, you can run the filter from the command line or through the configuration file. The following example assumes that you have a file called lines.txt with the following content:

{"log": "aaa"}
{"log": "aab"}
{"log": "bbb"}
{"log": "ccc"}
{"log": "ddd"}
{"log": "eee"}
{"log": "fff"}
{"log": "ggg"}

Command Line

Note: using the command line mode need special attention to quote the regular expressions properly. It's suggested to use a configuration file.

The following command will load the tail plugin and read the content of lines.txt file. Then the grep filter will apply a regular expression rule over the log field (created by tail plugin) and only pass the records which field value starts with aa:

$ bin/fluent-bit -i tail -p 'path=lines.txt' -F grep -p 'regex=log aa' -m '*' -o stdout

Configuration File

    name   tail
    path   lines.txt
    parser json

    name   grep
    match  *
    regex  log aa

    name   stdout
    match  *

The filter allows to use multiple rules which are applied in order, you can have many Regex and Exclude entries as required.

Nested fields example

If you want to match or exclude records based on nested values, you can use a Record Accessor format as the KEY name. Consider the following record example:

    "log": "something",
    "kubernetes": {
        "pod_name": "myapp-0",
        "namespace_name": "default",
        "pod_id": "216cd7ae-1c7e-11e8-bb40-000c298df552",
        "labels": {
            "app": "myapp"
        "host": "minikube",
        "container_name": "myapp",
        "docker_id": "370face382c7603fdd309d8c6aaaf434fd98b92421ce"

if you want to exclude records that match given nested field (for example, you can use the following rule:

    Name    grep
    Match   *
    Exclude $kubernetes['labels']['app'] myapp

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