Build with Static Configuration

Fluent Bit in normal operation mode allows to be configurable through text files or using specific arguments in the command line, while this is the ideal deployment case, there are scenarios where a more restricted configuration is required: static configuration mode.

Static configuration mode aims to include a built-in configuration in the final binary of Fluent Bit, disabling the usage of external files or flags at runtime.

Getting Started


The following steps assumes you are familiar with configuring Fluent Bit using text files and you have experience building it from scratch as described in the Build and Install section.

Configuration Directory

In your file system prepare a specific directory that will be used as an entry point for the build system to lookup and parse the configuration files. It is mandatory that this directory contain as a minimum one configuration file called fluent-bit.conf containing the required SERVICE, INPUT and OUTPUT sections. As an example create a new fluent-bit.conf file with the following content:

    Flush     1
    Daemon    off
    Log_Level info

    Name      cpu

    Name      stdout
    Match     *

the configuration provided above will calculate CPU metrics from the running system and print them to the standard output interface.

Build with Custom Configuration

Inside Fluent Bit source code, get into the build/ directory and run CMake appending the FLB_STATIC_CONF option pointing the configuration directory recently created, e.g:

$ cd fluent-bit/build/
$ cmake -DFLB_STATIC_CONF=/path/to/my/confdir/

then build it:

$ make

At this point the fluent-bit binary generated is ready to run without necessity of further configuration:

$ bin/fluent-bit 
Fluent-Bit v0.15.0
Copyright (C) Treasure Data

[2018/10/19 15:32:31] [ info] [engine] started (pid=15186)
[0] cpu.local: [1539984752.000347547, {"cpu_p"=>0.750000, "user_p"=>0.500000, "system_p"=>0.250000, "cpu0.p_cpu"=>1.000000, "cpu0.p_user"=>1.000000, "cpu0.p_system"=>0.000000, "cpu1.p_cpu"=>0.000000, "cpu1.p_user"=>0.000000, "cpu1.p_system"=>0.000000, "cpu2.p_cpu"=>0.000000, "cpu2.p_user"=>0.000000, "cpu2.p_system"=>0.000000, "cpu3.p_cpu"=>1.000000, "cpu3.p_user"=>1.000000, "cpu3.p_system"=>0.000000}]

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