Containers on AWS

AWS maintains a distribution of Fluent Bit combining the latest official release with a set of Go Plugins for sending logs to AWS services. AWS and Fluent Bit are working together to rewrite their plugins for inclusion in the official Fluent Bit distribution.


Currently, the AWS for Fluent Bit image contains Go Plugins for:

Fluent Bit includes Amazon CloudWatch Logs plugin named cloudwatch_logs, Amazon Kinesis Firehose plugin named kinesis_firehose and Amazon Kinesis Data Streams plugin named kinesis_streams which are higher performance than Go plugins.

Also, Fluent Bit includes S3 output plugin named s3.

Versions and Regional Repositories

AWS vends their container image via Docker Hub, and a set of highly available regional Amazon ECR repositories. For more information, see the AWS for Fluent Bit GitHub repo.

The AWS for Fluent Bit image uses a custom versioning scheme because it contains multiple projects. To see what each release contains, check out the release notes on GitHub.

SSM Public Parameters

AWS vends SSM Public Parameters with the regional repository link for each image. These parameters can be queried by any AWS account.

To see a list of available version tags in a given region, run the following command:

aws ssm get-parameters-by-path --region eu-central-1 --path /aws/service/aws-for-fluent-bit/ --query 'Parameters[*].Name'

To see the ECR repository URI for a given image tag in a given region, run the following:

$ aws ssm get-parameter --region ap-northeast-1 --name /aws/service/aws-for-fluent-bit/2.0.0

You can use these SSM public parameters as parameters in your CloudFormation templates:

    Description: Fluent Bit image for the FireLens Container
    Type: AWS::SSM::Parameter::Value<String>
    Default: /aws/service/aws-for-fluent-bit/latest

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