Linux Packages

The most secure option is to create the repositories according to the instructions for your specific OS.

A simple installation script is provided to be used for most Linux targets. This will by default install the most recent version released.

curl | sh

This is purely a convenience helper and should always be validated prior to use.

GPG key updates

From the 1.9.0 and 1.8.15 releases please note that the GPG key has been updated at so ensure this new one is added.

The GPG Key fingerprint of the new key is:

C3C0 A285 34B9 293E AF51  FABD 9F9D DC08 3888 C1CD
Fluentbit releases (Releases signing key) <>

The previous key is still available at and may be required to install previous versions.

The GPG Key fingerprint of the old key is:

F209 D876 2A60 CD49 E680 633B 4FF8 368B 6EA0 722A

Refer to the supported platform documentation to see which platforms are supported in each release.

Migration to Fluent Bit

From version 1.9, td-agent-bit is a deprecated package and is removed after 1.9.9. The correct package name to use now is fluent-bit.

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