Prometheus Exporter

An output plugin to expose Prometheus Metrics

The prometheus exporter allows you to take metrics from Fluent Bit and expose them such that a Prometheus instance can scrape them.

Important Note: The prometheus exporter only works with metric plugins, such as Node Exporter Metrics





This is address Fluent Bit will bind to when hosting prometheus metrics


This is the port Fluent Bit will bind to when hosting prometheus metrics



This allows you to add custom labels to all metrics exposed through the prometheus exporter. You may have multiple of these fields

Getting Started

The Prometheus exporter only works with metrics captured from metric plugins. In the following example, host metrics are captured by the node exporter metrics plugin and then are routed to prometheus exporter. Within the output plugin two labels are added app="fluent-bit"and color="blue"

# Node Exporter Metrics + Prometheus Exporter
# -------------------------------------------
# The following example collect host metrics on Linux and expose
# them through a Prometheus HTTP end-point.
# After starting the service try it with:
# $ curl
flush 1
log_level info
name node_exporter_metrics
tag node_metrics
scrape_interval 2
name prometheus_exporter
match node_metrics
port 2021
# add user-defined labels
add_label app fluent-bit
add_label color blue
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