Standard Output

The stdout output plugin allows to print to the standard output the data received through the input plugin. Their usage is very simple as follows:

Configuration Parameters



Specify the data format to be printed. Supported formats are msgpack, json, json_lines and json_stream.



Specify the name of the time key in the output record. To disable the time key just set the value to false.



Specify the format of the date. Supported formats are double, epoch, iso8601 (eg: 2018-05-30T09:39:52.000681Z) and java_sql_timestamp (eg: 2018-05-30 09:39:52.000681)



Enables dedicated thread(s) for this output. Default value is set since version 1.8.13. For previous versions is 0.


Command Line

$ bin/fluent-bit -i cpu -o stdout -v

We have specified to gather CPU usage metrics and print them out to the standard output in a human readable way:

$ bin/fluent-bit -i cpu -o stdout -p format=msgpack -v
Fluent Bit v1.x.x
* Copyright (C) 2019-2020 The Fluent Bit Authors
* Copyright (C) 2015-2018 Treasure Data
* Fluent Bit is a CNCF sub-project under the umbrella of Fluentd

[2016/10/07 21:52:01] [ info] [engine] started
[0] cpu.0: [1475898721, {"cpu_p"=>0.500000, "user_p"=>0.250000, "system_p"=>0.250000, "cpu0.p_cpu"=>0.000000, "cpu0.p_user"=>0.000000, "cpu0.p_system"=>0.000000, "cpu1.p_cpu"=>0.000000, "cpu1.p_user"=>0.000000, "cpu1.p_system"=>0.000000, "cpu2.p_cpu"=>0.000000, "cpu2.p_user"=>0.000000, "cpu2.p_system"=>0.000000, "cpu3.p_cpu"=>1.000000, "cpu3.p_user"=>0.000000, "cpu3.p_system"=>1.000000}]
[1] cpu.0: [1475898722, {"cpu_p"=>0.250000, "user_p"=>0.250000, "system_p"=>0.000000, "cpu0.p_cpu"=>0.000000, "cpu0.p_user"=>0.000000, "cpu0.p_system"=>0.000000, "cpu1.p_cpu"=>1.000000, "cpu1.p_user"=>1.000000, "cpu1.p_system"=>0.000000, "cpu2.p_cpu"=>0.000000, "cpu2.p_user"=>0.000000, "cpu2.p_system"=>0.000000, "cpu3.p_cpu"=>0.000000, "cpu3.p_user"=>0.000000, "cpu3.p_system"=>0.000000}]
[2] cpu.0: [1475898723, {"cpu_p"=>0.750000, "user_p"=>0.250000, "system_p"=>0.500000, "cpu0.p_cpu"=>2.000000, "cpu0.p_user"=>1.000000, "cpu0.p_system"=>1.000000, "cpu1.p_cpu"=>0.000000, "cpu1.p_user"=>0.000000, "cpu1.p_system"=>0.000000, "cpu2.p_cpu"=>1.000000, "cpu2.p_user"=>0.000000, "cpu2.p_system"=>1.000000, "cpu3.p_cpu"=>0.000000, "cpu3.p_user"=>0.000000, "cpu3.p_system"=>0.000000}]
[3] cpu.0: [1475898724, {"cpu_p"=>1.000000, "user_p"=>0.750000, "system_p"=>0.250000, "cpu0.p_cpu"=>1.000000, "cpu0.p_user"=>1.000000, "cpu0.p_system"=>0.000000, "cpu1.p_cpu"=>2.000000, "cpu1.p_user"=>1.000000, "cpu1.p_system"=>1.000000, "cpu2.p_cpu"=>1.000000, "cpu2.p_user"=>1.000000, "cpu2.p_system"=>0.000000, "cpu3.p_cpu"=>1.000000, "cpu3.p_user"=>1.000000, "cpu3.p_system"=>0.000000}]

No more, no less, it just works.

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