Fluent Bit v2.0 Documentation

High Performance Log and Metrics Processor
Fluent Bit is a Fast and Lightweight Logs and Metrics Processor and Forwarder for Linux, OSX, Windows and BSD family operating systems. It has been made with a strong focus on performance to allow the collection of events from different sources without complexity.


  • High Performance
  • Data Parsing
  • Metrics Collection (Prometheus compatible)
  • Reliability and Data Integrity
  • Networking
    • Security: built-in TLS/SSL support
    • Asynchronous I/O
  • Pluggable Architecture and Extensibility: Inputs, Filters and Outputs
  • Monitoring: expose internal metrics over HTTP in JSON and Prometheus format
  • Stream Processing: Perform data selection and transformation using simple SQL queries
    • Create new streams of data using query results
    • Aggregation Windows
    • Data analysis and prediction: Timeseries forecasting
  • Portable: runs on Linux, macOS, Windows and BSD systems

Fluent Bit, Fluentd and CNCF

Fluent Bit is a CNCF sub-project under the umbrella of Fluentd, it's licensed under the terms of the Apache License v2.0. This project was originally created by Treasure Data and is currently a vendor neutral and community driven project.
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